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Date last update – Tuesday 22nd 2021 June.
  1. Affiliate Terms

    Users taking part in the Affiliate program shall be referred to as “Affiliates”. In order to join the affiliate program “White Label”, you must sign up. We reserve the right to reject any users who wish to join the Affiliate program. Furthermore, SitesAdd reserves the right to terminate any Affiliates at any time, at our discretion.
  2. Payments

    Once accepted into the Affiliate program, Affiliates shall be provided with a unique code (“White Label”). SitesAdd are solely responsible for ensuring that the (“White Label”) functions properly. The balance $ of the partner is in the personal account. There you can see orders made using the affiliate form. Payments shall be issued on an as requested basis. The withdrawal of funds is carried out 3 times a week, paid in USD.
  3. Taxes

    Affiliate agrees to pay and withhold all taxes as required by their local laws and jurisdictions. In some instances SitesAdd may withhold taxes for Affiliate. However, Affiliate agrees that SitesAdd is not required to, cannot, and will not provide Affiliate with any tax or legal advice.
  4. Fraud

    SitesAdd actively monitors for deceptive or fraudulent activity. If deception or fraud is detected as determined in SitesAdd sole discretion, Affiliate's account will be made inactive pending further investigation. After determining that Affiliate has participated in fraudulent or deceptive activity, SitesAdd may terminate Affiliate’s account and Affiliate shall not be entitled to any compensation that is owed but unpaid.
  5. Term and Termination for Affiliates

    Upon successful registration as an Affiliate, the user shall be deemed an Affiliate for the purposes of this Agreement. The Affiliate term shall continue indefinitely until terminated by either party subject to this Agreement’s termination provisions. SitesAdd may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving written notice via email or the Platform to the Affiliate. Affiliate may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice to SitesAdd via the Platform or via email. Please be aware that upon termination by Affiliate, any outstanding payments owed to Affiliate shall be forfeited.
  6. Email us for clarification of information.

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