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Natural Link Building Strategies to Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

You created a website for your business in the hope of increasing the traffic to your site which eventually will translate to increased business activities. The problem is, your page rarely gets called from the search engines, so it remains in the cold freezer, not seeing the light of day.

To put it differently, your website lacks one powerful internet-based marketing tool - link building. This is the custom of doing anything to build links to a website. This, in turn, will enable the search engines to know if your web page could be included in the search result list.

To optimize your link building and avoid making them seem forced or unnatural, the following are deemed important factors:

1. Links to Relevant Sites

Building links from relevant sites are more powerful than links from irrelevant sites. Consider it as Site A needing Site B - where Site A is linked to Site B by the product they sell, for example. Site A could be a dealership and site B might be an insurance provider. They might not be in the same category, but they are related to one another. Linking the two websites will get Site A customers viewing Site B and vice versa.

2. Primary Keywords from the Anchor Text

Link building may utilize keywords or anchor text used to point to your site. Precaution should be taken in order not to overuse the keyword and not to use the same anchor text in all of your links as this will look unnatural. What you need is for your anchor texts to be optimized to see some huge effects on the ranking of your site.

3. Leave Links Long Enough

Search engines may need longer time to see the links you have created for your page. And it might yield ranking results advancement after few months. A good 90 days period will be sufficient for the search engines to gauge the site's being linked to.

4. Track Results

The reason you need to track your link building efforts is to understand how the links are helping the site. Tracking needs to be done on the traffic that comes to the site and the keyword positions.

Target Links Need to Look Natural Search engines do have a way of knowing if a link is unnatural. Some publishers approached link building in a manipulative way such that the hyperlinks are forced into the content. Creating your link 'seem natural' isn't as good a ''being organic.'

Natural link building necessitates the use of providing compelling content or data. Publishers need a good reason to link other websites most naturally. Some publishers are guided by their link building strategy when they aim their content strategy. It's done by simply identifying the link building targets - be they market segments or individual websites, consider the content you can supply that may use the target link and tweak the content plan into the target link.

There are quite a few other factors in link building, but the essence of it all is to make the link targets relevant to your content. That way readers and search engines will find them to be key to the content being written about.

Posted in All posts, Natural Link Building on Aug 08, 2018.

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