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Learn Why a Natural Backlinking Profile is Necessary!

Google is not God. It's only a computer program which takes care of a massive number of data. Because of this, Google is not perfect and may have more imperfections that are visible to us end-users.

But there are some things Google is quite good at. By way of instance, in case you blatantly use the wrong methods to game the system, you will almost surely be caught and dealt with.

Search engines are designed to reward natural link building behavior and punish attempts which focus on gaming the system. If this were not the case, Google's users wouldn't experience the high quality of outcomes they experience today.

So, to get into the good graces of Google (and the other search engines), it's quite crucial to have a backlink profile which looks natural. Although every seasoned online marketer knows this truth, creating a natural-looking profile is somewhat difficult to do. Out of the many new websites that I have browsed, the huge majority of websites have highly un-natural backlink profiles.

Ву wау оf іnstаnсе, whеn І сhесk nеw wеbsіtеs usіng thе Васklіnk Wаtсh Тооl, mоst оf thеm shоw lіnks usіng thе sаmе аnсhоr tехts. At times, 90% of the links use the same anchor texts, and the majority of the links are pointing to the homepage!

This seems highly suspicious, attracts a good deal of attention by Google team, and may lead to penalties or even de-indexation.

In my opinion, it's better to create links to the homepage as well as most of the inner pages of the websites. In doing this, care must be taken not to rely on only the main keyword, but also to use some other keywords in there.

In a natural backlinking profile, the anchored keywords would include " here" o " click here," because if others connect to your website, they don't care about your anchor texts at all. So to mimic the identical effect, make sure you've got the " irrelevant" keywords in your anchor texts. Although doing so doesn't help you from a keyword-targeting perspective, it is going to help to make your website more vulnerable to penalties.

Bear in mind; it's always better to focus on multiple keywords in your backlinking campaign. Just don't go overboard with it. By way of instance, if you're putting up 100 links, don't select 30 keywords. Instead, for each link building effort, try to focus on 2-3 phrases for each page.

Another important point would be too good links from several diverse locations. Do not just submit to 1000 directories and expect to rank number 1 to your term. You may blacklisted in the procedure. So far as link building is concerned, diversity and multiple resources are the key!

Here are some ways to get links to make a natural appearing profile:

  1. Submit to high-end directories (and not the free ones). A few ones are Business, DMOZ, and Yahoo! Directory

  2. Write articles, spin them and submit them to top quality article directories such as GoArticles, EzineArticles, etc.. You can even submit to hundreds of article directories. Just make sure that you provide quality content.

  3. Participate in forums such as Warrior Forum.

  4. Ask and answer questions at Yahoo! Answers. Help others, and where your feet to be non-spammy, connect back to websites or web pages.

  5. Send a press release out once in a while. Not the free ones. Go for the paid ones at PRWeb.

Posted in All posts, Natural Link Building on Aug 06, 2018.

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