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  • The Basics of Google: Use 301 Redirects when Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

    Posted in All posts, Use 301 Redirects on Sep 09, 2018.

    By now you need to know whether HTTPS is necessary for your website and the way to implement it. Since you may see, redirecting using HTTPS demands some excess knowledge to make certain the redirecting server is capable of handling incoming HTTPS requests, and send the proper redirect response. As an SEO or business proprietor, you understand that using HTTPS is an excellent thing. With HTTPS becoming the defacto standard for web websites, it's important to configure the acceptable redirects to cut back the content duplication and enforce the usage of the HTTPS edition of your site. One of the most frequent mistakes when configuring an HTTPS redirect is to assume you don't require an SSL certificate when you redirect from 1 domain to a different domain.

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