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Our company Sitesadd was founded in 2017 at the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen, which is located in the western part of Germany. The main specializations of the educational institution are faculties in natural sciences, engineering and machine building. Last years the directions on:

  • computing differentiation actively developed;
  • the basics of software engineering;
  • simulation software Engineering;
  • development of applications and software in the field of Internet promotion;

At Aachen, scientific research institutes have been established on the basis of such well-known corporations as Microsoft and Ford. That made it possible to train thousands of students in these fields. To date, the knowledge gained by students is widely used in the field of IT-technologies.

The main task of graduates of Aachen University was to develop a module that fully includes a set of tools involved in the promotion of Internet resources. Previously, what was offered to users is the inclusion of directories, directories. At the moment the module contains search engines, RSS feeds, thematic sites for posting articles, business directories, web directories. The project includes video hosting with the option of leaving an active link on topics, bookmarking services, social news services, catalogs of online stores, blog resources.

The graduates of the University Viktor Mosenkis, Jan Riehme, student-researcher Klaus Leppkes participated in the development of the module.

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